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Painter: 9 International awards, 85s olo exhibitions, 125 group exhibitions!

Art Critic and Author: 2 Poetry anthologies, 35 years of critiques, 45 creative development programs, 200 activism letters and articles, Emily Dickinsen Poetry Award 1982

Performance artist: Since 1984, 25 original action performances, 2009 Hired by Director David Diamond, Headlines Theatre Co. to do improvisational drama in "after homelessness" workshop  Vancouver, B.C.

Curator: 96 exhbitions including CIBC painting exhibition, Artists Honoring Community - benefit for Canadian Cancer Society, Health & Wealth Day - benefit for B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation; all within British Columbia, Canada.

                           "Within everyone there is a special place

                                         for the spirit of art

                                                  to grow..."                                                                      


Quote - Emily Carr, Canadian painter 




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